Care Guide

Tips on caring for yor costume

Fursuit Care Guide




  • Be cautious when putting on your suit. Although these are built for play, your costume isn’t clothing. Try not to get into your body suit too fast, otherwise it can result in an unwanted stretch, rip, or seam pop. If it does not fit, do not force yourself into it. The fabric used is somewhat fragile, and you don’t want a hole in your new suit.
  • When pulling on your head, be VERY careful you are not pulling down on the eyes. This can rip the material, and is very hard, if not impossible, to fix. Pull on the neck/balaclava, gently use the muzzle to guide it on, and if needed push down on the top of the head.
  • Try not to carry your head by the ears or nose. You don’t want to break or rip anything off. Holding it by the neck is perfectly fine. Using two hands to hold it, even better!
  • I HIGHLY recommend using under armor or some type of clothing that can wick away any sweat. This helps performance and keeps the backing of the fur stay nice looking. (ANY TYPE OF HEAVY CLOTHING, SUCH AS DENIM, IS A VERY POOR CHOICE OF UNDER ARMOR. )




  • After a good performance you want to be sure to disinfect your suit and make it smell pretty again. Turn your body suit, hands, arm sleeves or leg sleeves inside out to dry as you spray your pieces down to disinfect. Be wary of using products inside the head, certain sprays, such as Febreez, Glade, and Airwick, can leave a filmy grime inside your head, and may even cause irritation to your face. Use Clorox disinfectant wipes to scrub out those germs, Be careful around the eyes, as those are highly fragile.
  • Brush out your suit with a slicker brush. These can be found at PetCO. or Pet Smart and are fairly inexpensive.




  • There are MANY tutorials out the on washing your fursuit parts and pieces. If you find one that works for you, then great! But be wary, that not all techniques may get out stains and dirt spots.
  • NEVER use any type of heat on your suit. The fur is actually small plastic particles, and will melt under heat.
  • Suits without airbrushing are machine washable, set on cold, and make sure its a short, or delicate cycle. Put body, hands, arms, legs and tail, into a closeable pillow case, so your fur does not get kinked. Gently hand wash anything that has airbrushing.
  • You CAN use a dryer for your fursuit parts (Mainly the parts without foam), but as said before, do NOT use heat. Set the dryer on a tumble, or air dry only mode. Other wise, hang it up, set a fan on it, and brush out every few hours.
  • Do NOT fully drench your fursuit head. Wet it piece by piece with a wet cloth and allow parts to dry before wetting a new part. Your fursuit head, feet, and anything with foam, are not to go into the washer or dryer.




  • Do not store fursuit parts unless fully dry
  • Fold neatly to avoid kinks in fur
  • Try to take out parts and brush occasionally to avoid fur kinks
  • Disinfect before putting away your fursuit.
  • If planning to store for a long period of time, make sure to leave it in a air controlled room, and keep out of sun. Uncontrolled sunlight can wash out your fur colors and even leave burn marks in your suit!




  • Do NOT EVER leave your fursuit in a hot car, or anything of the sort. Doing cause can cause hot glue to melt!!
  • Be cautious while rough housing. Things can break.
  • If a claw or something on the sort falls off, don’t panic. Save the part (if found) and contact us. We will guide you into fixing it. If your not entirely sure, you can send it to us to fix. If the part is lost, we will devise a plan.