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Since there are quite a few tutorials out there on how to make your Duct Tape Dummy (DTD), we’ve given you a few links to choose from. Keep in mind that using two tutorials can be both bad and good depending on how your combining the two together. A Duct Tape Dummy is REQUIRED if you plan to get a body suit, or a pair of digigrade leg pants. Your whole body must be done, unless noted otherwise. Listed below is a few tips to keep you safe, and to help provide a great Duct Tape Dummy.


  • Your going to want to get an assistant for this. The more people you have to help the faster you can get this done. This shouldn’t ever be done by yourself.
  • Make sure you don’t drink too many fluids before or during the process of making your DTD. It can result in bloating, and my cause unnecessary bathroom trips during you trying to create your Duct Tape Dummy.
  • When making your DTD, you want to be as comfortable as you can. Make your dummy in a wide open space, so your assistance’s can run around you with out too much traffic.
  • Your going to need something to prop your arms up while your assistant works on your arms. Things such as tall ski poles, or PVC pipe works great.Make sure your arms aren’t too low, otherwise your suit will not fit properly.
  • Before you begin, you will need something to wear underneath the duct tape dummy. Painters suits are fairly inexpensive, and can be cut through easily. Old, thin pajamas work as well. DO NOT WEAR JEANS, OR ANYTHING THICK!!! This can result in adding extra unneeded weigh and might rip the duct tape job you’ve done. DO NOT WEAR ANY TYPE OF STRETCHY FABRIC!!! None! This will severely mess up your DTD, and you will be required to make a new one. Be careful. A lot of pajama pants may have a stretch to them.
  • There are three main spaces you want to tape down before you start working on your Duct Tape Dummy. Have your assistant tape down the wrists, ankles, then crotch in that order. This ensures that the clothing you plan to cut through will stay in place and not move while you are working.
  • Take a nice full breath of air while you are being taped at the chest.
  • It is mandatory you wear clothing underneath the duct tape other wise the scissors will cut your skin.
  • You should NEVER take a roll of duct tape and continuously wrap it around the limbs. This will make the DTD too tight and you very uncomfortable. Use 6 to 8 inch strips of tape and go on like that.
  • Always go just a little past your ankles and wrist to avoid short arms or legs.
  • If you are commissioning Digigrade Leg Pants, then it is required you tape your chest and at least half of your harms. This helps me place elastic straps, so you can keep those legs up.
  • When cutting yourself out, be sure to not cut in between the legs. This will ruin your DTD



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