Reference/ Design Artists

A collection of costumes with a glittery kick!


In need of a reference sheet for your character? Well in order to get a fursuit you’re going to need a ref sheet.

Don’t have a character? No problem! We have hired some of the best concept and design artists out there. These selected people have been chosen to help provide neat, original, and stunning art work and characters.

Why do you need a reference sheet?

A lot of people out there have ref sheets that are just too hard to read, or not clear enough to see. This can result in me not being able to see a trait your character may have, and even make a mistake on your fursuit.

Do I need a reference sheet?

It depends. If you already have a ref sheet, you know will pass as clean, neat and easy to read, then great! Go ahead and submit a quote form! If you are unsure about your ref sheet, send us an email and ask! If you have no ref sheet, but your character is quite simple, (for example; Black cat with yellow eyes) you may not need a ref sheet. Just to be sure to detail things as much as you can. If your character description is hard to understand, we will require you to have a reference sheet.

Do I need to purchase a reference sheet from the people listed?

It is NOT required for you to buy your ref sheets and character designs from the people listed. The reason I’ve chosen these people is because their art work is not only original and clean, but its also very affordable, and set a reasonable price.


Reference Artists



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Design Artists